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Benefits Of Chatbot for E-commerce

Chatbots for e-commerce industry are growing at rapid pace. Developing a chatbot for our e-commerce platform can help us in multiple ways it will make the buying process more convenient for the customer. They can buy products directly from the messenger 24*7. It gives us the flexibility to reach out to more potential buyers through e-commerce chatbot across various social media platforms for our e-commerce platform. Customers now don’t need to use a different platform for this purpose. Chatbot services can be integrating into their existing social media platform.

Benefits of Chatbot for E-commerce:

Sales support is provided 24*7 regardless of any timezone.
It is very helpful for customer retention and can easily re-engage with customers
Chatbot can easily answer query related to stock levels.
Chatbots can provide the personal shopping experience to customers.
It is one of the interactive ways to engage with your customers.
Empowers customer to use their existing platform for e-commerce purchase.
It is quick can resolve customer’s query very fast thus reducing wait time.
It has the ability to learn, it can analyze and learn using artificial intelligence feature.

Chatbot can do followings in e-commerce industry:

Shipping information for user: We can easily deliver shipping information through e-commerce chatbot, the user can directly receive order tracking information and expected scheduled delivery of their product through facebook messenger or Whatsapp messenger. It helps in creating a personal connection with the customer. It can ease the work of customer to see updated tracking status for their product they don’t need to login company’s website or check at mobile application.

Promotional Activity: We can use chatbot services for promotional activity as well. By sending promotional mass messages for the purposes like – new collections, discounts, wishes can be sent through facebook messenger, Whatsapp etc. Which has the higher probability of conversion than done through email promotional activity.

Remarketing Activity: We can do remarketing as well using chatbot in e-commerce platform, remarketing is one of the powerful tools for online marketing which is more effective via chatbot one-to-one conversation system. By using any famous messenger platform we can easily remind the user of previous choices and can suggest new products according to their match.

Automate your Business: Development of chatbot in e-commerce not only brings sustainable growth in business but also it is a good tool for automation of the business. The Customer also likes the option of automation and it lets us record and measure effectiveness of the conversation.

Limited Stock Issue: This is always a common scenario with every e-commerce platform when there is huge discount on products or new arrival is there, it is difficult for customer to buy them because it gets out of stock easily and to solve this issue we can do chatbot development for our e-commerce to alert customers when the product is available they wanted to buy it will make customer feel they are valued and very likely will do business with us again.

Suntist Labs is one of the best and trusted company in the field of mobile application development. At Suntist Labs we have experience in chatbot development for e-commerce industry, by using chatbot we can turn ordinary visitor into customers. We have a team of experts in chatbot development technology. We can develop AI based chatbots on the various social media platforms like Facebook (, Android app (, Oracle, chat scripts etc. We develop chatbot which has conversational flow, speed & accuracy with error management which can help you achieve efficiency in your business. Some chatbot platforms that we have used for our clients includes- Dialogflow (API.AI), botpress,, smooch , IBM Waston, Chatfuel, Bot framework, Botkit, Manychat etc.

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