Top 5 Innovative Businesses Are Using Chatbots

1. Healthcare:

Chatbot in the healthcare industry is very useful. It can be boon for people living in the remote area who has very limited access to healthcare facilities so this technology can make a huge difference in their lives.

Chatbot can act as a medical assistant. It can remind you to take a pill, monitor your health, and can schedule a medical appointment.
It can ask about symptoms and can put questions from database approved by health professionals to refer you to the best physicians.

It can replace the work of customer service representatives if the health parameters are out of control it can directly alert the doctors in that case.
Chatbots are also helpful in assistant for billing, inventory, and management of your insurance claims.

So the question arises are we heading towards a future where chatbots can replace doctors and nurses. The simple answer is no because some medical conditions are unique and typical. But chatbot can always act as a reliable assistant which can perform multiple tasks . In present scenario, chatbots can help us in generating the lead for business, provide 24*7 support to patients. Therefore, chatbot is a technology which is useful for both patients as well as doctors to make their life easier.

2. Hospitality & Travel:

Chatbot in the travel industry can make the customer experience better without hiring any human. Automation by chatbot can solve various problems like- productivity issue, labor costs, inconsistency. Chatbot will ensure accurate and immediate delivery of information to customers.

Chatbot can handle a variety of task in the travel industry:

1. Booking Agent:

We can use chatbot for booking purpose. It can take input from the user like date of arrival and departure then can suggest hotel destinations accordingly. Once a user gets a list of hotel to choose from can make payment for it. It makes user’s task simple and sophisticated.

2. Customer support:

It can answer the common set of questions directly without interacting with customer care executive. Chatbot can provide advice and tips for a good travel experience. It can solve the customer’s query on the go. It’s easy and available 24*7 and can serve thousands of customers at a time.

3. Local travel: It helps us to provide local experience to our customer in foreign places. This bot also displays reviews and suggestions based on the location of the customer so that customer will not miss the best of any place.

3. Insurance:

Chatbot can act as an automated insurance agent in this sector. It allows insurance firm to make insurance process quick, check policy status, locate a branch, hospital or workshop etc.By using chatbot services in insurance sector we can save billion dollars in labor costs.

Finding New Customer: In today’s advanced world everyone do things online. The customer now prefers to buy the insurance policy through their mobile phone or insurance company’s website. So chatbot present there in website or app can help in finding a new customer.

Enhance Marketing Result: When it comes to marketing chatbot can serve the customer in a manner so that they can find their desired products. As it has the ability to connect many customers at a time which can bring down the marketing costs and can produce more effective results.

4. E-commerce-

Instead of receiving a call for every query we can set chatbot for some conversation query which is more productive and cost-effective for your business.

1. Increase revenue: By using chatbot in e-commerce industry we can increase our revenue because it is automatic and requires less human support. They provide 24*7 service without extra resource costs.

2. Customer engagement: Chatbot has the ability to provide recommendations based on the interest of the customer. It can follow up with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with their products.

3. Sales executive: For this purpose, chatbot uses customer’s history and can recommend products based on that with a message “ You may also like this”. So in this way, it can also act as a sales executive on virtual stores.

5. Banking:

The chatbot assistant is designed to send a notification to users, handle complaints, grievances, balance information, personal assistant, ATM location etc. It can save hours of the workforce for us and is fully secure.

1. 24*7 Customer Service: In the banking industry, we need support 24*7 which we can get by adopting chatbot technology at less cost. It enables us to provide personalized support and quick solution to issues which is not possible by bank’s site or application.

2. User-friendly Experience: Banking sectors website and mobile apps don’t have user interface according to the expectation of the customer. So we can use chatbot to enrich user experience. It can alleviate all the complexity of banking apps.

3. Personalize Marketing: We can provide personalized marketing experience to customers as the banking industry has the wide range of products and services to offer. Chatbot can offer these experiences by using customer’s profile data or life events. This targeted approach will also help us to increase conversion rate.

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