chatbot development services for Insurance industry

Chatbot Benefits For Insurance Industry

The Automation in every sector is the need of the hour. AI based Chatbots in insurance sector can act as an automated insurance agent. Chatbot development for insurance industry is very effective as they do not require any extra app for the engagement of the customer it can be integrated with the existing application of the customer. With the help of chatbot development, insurance firms can drive more engagement and improve sales.

In India Bajaj Allianz General insurance is also using chatbot services to improve their interaction with the customers. They are using it for the queries like- registration of motor claim, locating a workshop, locating a branch, hospital, to check policy and claim status. It is not only helpful for the customers but also helps company in saving cost.

And other companies like ICICI Lombard General Insurance Ltd and Birla Sun Life Insurance are also using chatbot technology in the insurance sector. They are solving queries such as insurance policy proposals can be answered in real-time using chatbot services. By doing chatbot development, company is able to automate the process without human intervention. If the chatbot is not able to solve customer’s query then it can transfer the chat to customer care executive. By using chatbot services in insurance sector we can save billion dollars in labor costs.

Finding insurance product: We can integrate chatbot with the mobile app, website and also with social media platforms to make it act as a virtual customer service representative which can answer basic questions and can also help the customer in finding best product according to their need, respond to billing and policy questions. It can easily analyze past claims and predict incoming claim likely to result in.

Claim Management Process: If we develop chatbot for insurance industry then it can easily evaluate the validity of a claim. The insurer can get relevant information in less time and the cost of processing will be lower with high customer experience. It can evaluate damages and can predict cost from the historical data. The Fraudulent cases can be detected with ease.

Brings New Customer: To bring new customers to any business is an important factor for the growth of the business. Whenever a customer visits a company’s website chatbot is always there to convert them it can talk with them and can bring the most relevant product our customer is looking for.

Faster Customer Service: Faster customer service is the desire of every industry. Now the customers do not need to write an email for the purposes like – get copies of policies, register claim etc. For this purpose, they can directly interact with chatbot and can get a quick response to their query. Wait time is zero in this process which is good for customer satisfaction.

Easy to Implement: Implementation of chatbot services is very easy for any industry. It is not like the customer has to download mobile application or visit company’s website. It can be easily integrated into the existing social media platform like- facebook messenger, Whatsapp, telegram etc. So chatbot is one of the technologies which is very user-friendly in nature.

At Suntist Labs we have a team of experts who have experience in creating chatbot for the insurance sector, Restaurants, Travel etc. We can develop chatbot on different social media platforms like- Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. The chatbot we develop has speed, accuracy & conversational flow with error management to bring efficiency in your business. Some chatbots we have developed includes platform Dialogflow(API.AI), IBM Watson, Bot framework, Botchat, Manychat etc. Suntist labs is leading mobile app development company in Delhi NCR.

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