chatbot to get very responsive badge in facebook page

Chatbot can help to Achieve Facebook’s ‘Very Responsive’ Badge

‘Very Responsive’ Badge on Facebook using Chatbot:

If we have experience of managing a Facebook page for our business then we might have seen an area where there is an option of ‘very responsive’ at the top left below the profile photo if our Facebook page qualifies the criteria for a ‘very responsive’ badge. And the criteria is if we respond to a query in 15 minutes or less and at least 90 % of our queries.

It may sound that Facebook’s expectation is very high. Definitely, it is not an easy task to achieve. Customers these days are turning more towards social media platforms and that is why it is more convenient for them to ask a query on the social media platform. Many businesses already have company to handle their social media profile.

But there is another solution for this task. And the solution is chatbot development for our business. The services of chatbot are cheaper than hiring any company for our social media profile. The response time is also very high so it is easy for us to get ‘very responsive’ badge for our page. Chatbot is very user friendly, it is available 24*7 , less expensive and easy to build, can easily support in multiple languages.

The chatbot is not only helpful in building a relationship with the customers but also it can save a lot of time and money for a business. Businesses can also generate leads from chatbot. Chatbot development for facebook page not only enables ‘very responsive’
badge for your Facebook page but also it gives us the flexibility to reach to the more potential customer through social media platform. It is very helpful for customer retention and can easily re-engage with customers.

Suntist Labs is a mobile application and chatbot development company in India. We have a team of expert in chatbot development & have developed AI based chatbot on various social media platforms which has speed, accuracy, conversational flow with error management to bring efficiency to your business.

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