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Why Chatbot Is Important For Restaurant Business

Chatbot in Restaurant:

We already have the facility of online food ordering system through website or mobile application in restaurant sector. Implementation of chatbot in food and beverages industry is not only important for reducing workload of restaurant staff but also it will make the online ordering experience for users very simple and engaging.

For the restaurant owners it is an advantage that they can reach a wider audience without having them download any app or visit any webpage. Now customers can directly order food, or track their orders, book tables using their facebook messengers only. Chatbot technology can be a game changer for early birds as it can not only reduce customer care agent costs but also provide unique business opportunity by delivering  high customer experience.

1. Chatbot changes the way users order food online

2. User-friendly interaction: Chatting with a chatbot is very user-friendly it makes the process more enjoyable. Chatbots can make the conversation very interesting it is just like a conversation with a friend. Getting any information is even simpler than clicking few buttons.

3. Quick response from chatbots

4. Accessible 24x7x365

5. Chatbots give a more personalised experience

6. In the end chatbots can generate meaningful customer analytics which can be used to further improve customer service

7. Chatbots can assist users by reserving their tables, giving them information about their food, order food for users, broadcast special deals and news to all users

Why Suntist Labs for ChatBot Development:

We at Suntist Labs have a team of experts in chatbot development technology. We have developed chatbots on the various platform like Facebook’s, Google’s, we also have our own AI neural network designed for chatbots etc. We have developed chatbot which are conversational in nature, and have high  speed & accuracy with fail safe mechanisms, i.e. the bot sends out alert messages to your email in case it is not able to understand users’ message, which can help you achieve efficiency in your business.

Some chatbot platforms that we have developed for our clients includes: Dialogflow (API.AI), botpress,, smooch , IBM Waston, Chatfuel, Bot framework, Botkit, Manychat etc.

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