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Difference between Intent and Context in Dialog Flow


If we go by the dictionary meaning, it is the intention or purpose. In our case it is the intention of the user. The bot needs to understand the intention of the user, and needs to know what the user wants from this chat.

In case of any chat platform, the intent, is the intention of a user. The AI designer trains the bot to understand various user intentions based on sample training data set. Then, when a user talks to the bot, the AI does Natural Language Processing (NLP) and tries to identify the user’s intention based on the training it has received. Every intent identification is backed by a confidence score, which means, the AI has guessed the user’s intent with X% confidence. As an AI designer it is our task to identify a base level confidence score called Threshold Confidence. Supposing the Threshold Confidence is 80%, then all NLP guesses made by our AI having Confidence above 80% will be automatically treated as correct and based on this a response will be generated for the user.


Before understanding context, we need to understand entity also. In every message the user sends to our bot, there is some valuable information like Location, Time, Food to order etc… These valuable information is called Entities. e.g. User Says: “I want to watch some comedy movie tonight.” So in this case the User’s intent is to “Watch a movie” whereas valuable information viz. Entities are : Content:Movie, Type: Comedy, Timing: Tonight.

Now, it is also possible that a user may say the above statement in multiple sentences.

for e.g.:

User Says: I want to watch a movie.
Bot Says: Ok. Which type of movie.
User Says: Any Comedy Movie
Bot Says: Ok, when do you want to watch it.
User Says: Tonight.

So, as we all agree in the above example, this conversation seems more natural. But to make it all happen, we as humans, sub-consciously store these information in our mind for the duration of conversation. Similarly, for bots, they store all these information internally called as Context.

So, any valuable information given by user which is required for the current purpose or intent is stored as User Context.

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