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What is a Chatbot ?

What is a Chatbot ?

A chatbot is a computer programme enabled with artificial intelligence technology to do conversation via voice or text methods. The artificially intelligent system is designed in such a way that it will answer the query in a way like a human does.

Chatbots are being used as part of a virtual assistant like Google Assistant, Apple Siri etc… and many organizations these days are opting them in their apps, websites and on instant messaging app platforms like facebook messenger. Chatbots are generally being used for enhancing customer service through instant feedbacks and 24×7 availability. Organisations have dramatically reduced their customer response time by implementing some form of chatbots. Traditionally when a customer wants some information they engage in a chat with a customer care agent. The availability of agent, office hours and high traffic of customer queries would deter the customer response time.

Primarily there are 2 types of Chatbots:

1. Keyword based:

In a keyword based chatbot the bot would match some keywords of a user’s query and search in its database for results. The inherent problem in this type of chatbot is that people don’t like to chat in keywords and they use phrases to explain themselves, and when people type in their natural language there are bound to be some differences in two people’s query, even if they are looking for the same thing. If the bot does not understand the user’s query then the chat becomes frustrating for a user, as he is not able to get his message across the customer care.

2. Natural Human Language based:

To tackle this situation, artificial intelligence (AI) is used. With the advancement of AI in different applications, AI’s use in understanding human’s natural language has also matured to the a state where organisations are implementing AI in their customer care services. The primary goal of the AI enabled system is to understand what a user wants, and analyse the user’s intent as a human would do so. Hence, by implementing AI in our chatbots we can give a more personalised response to any user, understand their natural language and typing style, and respond to them with better accuracy.

Why Chatbot for Business?

Different businesses have different purposes for opting chatbot for their business. Sometimes when customers searches for a product, or information about company, or contact details of the company, or some general queries about the a product online it is easy to ask a query via chat than a call. A chat based information gathering process, for customers becomes more personalised. Customers can simply ask the chatbot for some information rather than searching it in multiple pages or trying to call a customer care agent. Also a recent study by Facebook reveals that more than 70% of users prefer to solve online query by chat, also in another study conducted it is seen that more than 80% users prefer to use mobile to seek information rather than using their laptops or desktops. Due to these changing customer preferences, advancement of AI technologies, and boom of mobile technologies, many companies have implemented some kind of chatbot for their business, to increase their interaction with consumers, generate leads from chatbots, and enhance customer’s experience.

The reason why many businesses are opting chatbot is that it is not only helpful in building relationships with the customer but also help businesses save a lot of money and time. To reach a wide range of audience one can easily introduce chatbot in the platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and even in websites and mobile apps.

Some major benefits of using chatbots:

  • Instant customer care response
  • 24*7*365 Availability (Bots do not take holidays)
  • Less expensive & easy to build (Single bot can handle multiple customers at the same time)
  • Can support in multiple languages
  • Better customer care and quick response increases customer loyalty
  • Standardised customer response
  • Improves customer engagement
  • Automate replies for repetitive queries

We develop Chatbot for:

  • Websites
  • Mobile application
  • Facebook messenger
  • Telegram messenger
  • Slack application
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype

Why Suntist Labs for ChatBot Development:

We at Suntist Labs have a team of experts in chatbot development technology. We have developed chatbots on the various platform like Facebook’s, Google’s, we also have our own AI neural network designed for chatbots etc. We have developed chatbot which are conversational in nature, and have high  speed & accuracy with fail safe mechanisms, i.e. the bot sends out alert messages to your email in case it is not able to understand users’ message, which can help you achieve efficiency in your business.

Some chatbot platforms that we have developed for our clients includes: Dialogflow (API.AI), botpress,, smooch , IBM Waston, Chatfuel, Bot framework, Botkit, Manychat etc.


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